The Biggest Copywriting Mistakes (Part 2)

Mistakes… we all make them.

(And YAY! They’re proof that you are trying!)

Yet they’re especially dangerous when you don’t even know you’re making them, because you’re repelling clients and wondering, “Why isn’t anyone signing up for this?”

These copywriting mistakes can be painful and costly. So keep reading, and learn what not to do, and what to do instead, to make your message magnetic…

Mistake #5: Writing Generic Copy

This kind of copy sounds salesy. And it’s sterile, making you blend in with all the other entrepreneurs who do what you do. Yikes!

So what do you do instead?


You need to bring your authentic voice to your message. This is your “special sauce”!

Let your people know what turns you on, what pisses you off, what’s important to you. This helps people feel you, which makes “salesy” language...

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On Asking (Part 1)

Have you read, “The Art of Asking,” by Amanda Palmer?

Palmer writes about how it’s such a vulnerable thing to ask and how, when we ask, we open a door to greater intimacy in all of our relationships.

She talks about how our fear of being vulnerable,

of being seen as weak,

of hearing a no,

holds us back from asking.

As does our doubt:

do we deserve this?

Palmer’s book got me looking at myself. I saw the ways I’ve judged myself as weak and needy for asking. I also saw more clearly how there is so much strength and beauty in asking!

Whether we’re asking for

A date

A dollar

A dress

A referral

A reference

A revolution

We invite people to step into our lives more intimately. We get to share the vulnerabilities of life together in strength and dynamic realness.

It takes courage and vulnerability to ASK.

Are you asking?

Or are you withholding possibilities of greater connection?

What might you ask for today that...

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On Asking (Part 2)

It was a grey Saturday afternoon many years ago.

I was in San Jose, California, standing outside a gas station talking to a woman as she pumped gas into her SUV. After introducing myself, I asked her if she would like to have a free consultation with me.

What an audacious ask, right?!

I was playing a game to see how fast I could get 10 “NOs” from potential clients.

Say what?

It was an exercise I was doing in a marketing training. Along with about one hundred other entrepreneurs, I left the hotel where the training was taking place and headed out on the streets to overcome my fear of REJECTION and hearing the dreaded NO.

That experience was priceless! I discovered how much FUN I could have when I embraced the NO and actually WELCOMED IT!

(The funny thing? That woman at the gas station actually said YES! She loved my energy and enthusiasm. We had a great free consult. It turned out she wasn’t my ideal client so I gave her some inspiration and resources and...

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Practical Steps: From Book Idea To Reality


Writing a book can feel like putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle…

Where do you start? What are the pieces you need to consider? What will it look like when it’s all done?

When you buy a puzzle in a box you have the picture of the end product right in front of you. And if you’re like me, you start with pulling out all the pieces that make up the border of the puzzle. Then piece-by-piece, you put it together.

Writing a book isn’t so straightforward.

Overwhelm can set in when you think about all the pieces to put together: Who is your book for? What is the message of your book? How will you organize it? How will you market it? Who will publish it?

Don’t let overwhelm overtake you!

Instead, take a deep breath and read the article below to discover specific steps you can take to move forward with your book, word by word.

First, start by acknowledging where you’re at right now. 

Which one of these best describes you?

  1. You know...
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Did Your Book Idea Knock On Your Door?


Do you own an idea or does it choose you?

If you don’t respond to an idea immediately, will it go find someone else to play with?

Is it possible to have the same idea for a book that someone else has on the other side of the planet (or next door)?

These are questions that Elizabeth Gilbert (author of the bestselling book, “Eat, Pray, Love”) addresses in her new book, “Big Magic.” She writes about how ideas are living energies with one primary target: to partner with a human and become made manifest.

From her magical point of view (which I really dig) – an idea CHOOSES you. It will knock on your door. Are you listening? Are you receptive to it? Is now the time? Do you say YES or do you say NO?

If you’re caught up in the busyness (and business) of the moment and don’t hear the knock – OR – you hear the knock but decide now is not the time, the idea will move on and knock on someone else’s door.

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What does receiving mean to you?


I’ve been looking at my life and business, grateful for all the abundance and gifts and yet KNOWING…

More Is Possible

I started wondering,

What would it take to create and receive MORE? 

And then my business coach asked me,

“What is receiving to you?”

My response?

“Wow… on some level I still believe that receiving is dangerous. I see it as taking on other people’s sh*t.”

F*ck! (And how’s it get any better than that? Now at least I SEE this.)

If that is what receiving is to me, no wonder I’ve been blocking myself from receiving the MORE that I know is possible!

My coach and I cleared out the lies I had bought into about receiving so I can now open to receiving more. This will require practice as I unlearn the old story and create a new one about receiving.

So I wanted to invite you into this receiving ride, too! 

2 Questions About Receiving:

  1. What is receiving to you?

Really allow yourself to go there… to...

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Top 10 List for Overcoming a Creation Hangover


So perhaps you’ve just birthed a huge project (like me) and there’s more to create. And yet, you hit a hangover phase of creation.

Symptoms? Foggy, tender, dazed and perhaps a little disoriented.

Here’s my Top 10 List for Overcoming a Creation Hangover:

10. Acknowledge what you created and the new future you’ve set in motion.

9. Celebrate what you just created (this taps you into fuel and inspiration to keep creating)!

8. Give thanks for yourself, your creation, your muse and all that contributed to your creation.

7. Sleep. Without an alarm. With earplugs and eye mask, preferably!

6. Move. Dance, hike, walk, run, climb. Allow the creative juices to keep swirling!

5. Don’t believe anything your mind spews that’s of the lower vibrational realm. (Like, “Oh my g*d, does it suck?” and “Will people want this?”)

4. Touch nature. Lay on the earth. Hold a stone. Remind yourself...

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7 Tips For Creating Like A Mofo


I’m a little high on the drug known as “CREATION.”

Okay, I confess, I’m a lot high. I’ve been creating so much over the past month especially and I’m riding way more than fumes. I’m fuelled by inspiration, possibilities and magic.

I had a strong desire to share with you what I’ve discovered and been reminded of about CREATION in the past few months to support YOU, too, in riding the high of creation.

‘Cause the truth is, we’re either in creation-mode or destruction-mode. We’re either living or we’re dying. Which do you choose?

When we’re in creation mode, we’re freaking CREATING and choosing more of what we desire:

  • More money? Check.
  • More clients? Check.
  • More leadership? Check.
  • More adventure? Check
  • More expression of our authentic crazy wild selves? Check.

All there, coming to us on a silver platter, when we CREATE!

So why wait to get creating? Here you go – my 7...

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10 Writing Prompts To Move Beyond Writer's Block

You’re always writing. Always.

Well, okay, except for when you’re sleeping, reading, eating, in session with clients, binge-watching Gray’s Anatomy…

But when you’re not doing any of that you are writing: emails, sales pages, articles, social media posts, video scripts…

And sometimes, well, the well runs dry and you’re thirsty for new ideas, fresh perspectives and different ways to talk about what’s important to you and your ideal clients.

So what do you do to give your creativity a nudge?

Use the writing prompts below to stop spinning your wheels and get momentum with your writing.

What are writing prompts?

Writing prompts serve as keys to unlock the brilliance beyond writer’s block. They are simple yet powerful tools that spark your creativity and inspire new perspectives and possibilities.

How do you use a writing prompt?

  1. Pick a prompt from the list below.
  2. Write in a stream-of-consciousness style for 5-15 minutes...
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Don't Let A Bully Silence You

I had a strange experience recently.
A colleague of mine was mocking certain things on FB. He was making fun of people for doing things that I myself do and encourage clients to do; things that relate to showing up authentically and catalyzing conversations.
I saw many of his posts like this – each one filled with such judgment – over the course of a week. In some cases, other people who I view as leaders in the industry were agreeing with him, joining in the mockery.
This is a subtle form of bullying, and for a little while, it worked. It put me on guard.
I admit… I got triggered. 
What most triggered me was not the actual mocking itself, but my reaction to it. Somewhere deep inside I reacted to these posts with an old fear: It’s not safe to express myself here.
Damn, this fear of being judged, mocked, even publicly shamed, runs deep. Beneath the fear was a sense of shame and wrongness....
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