3 Secrets To Writing Hot Heart-Based Sales Pages

That Have Your Potential Clients Know They Want To Work With You NOW!

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Learning how to grow your business ONLINE is more essential than ever. And more people are looking for you now!

In this 90-minute rich training you'll discover:

  • How to identify what your ideal clients really want so you create an irresistible invitation
  • The key to writing copy that converts without being slimy or salesy
  • The 4 biggest mistakes that stop you from making the income & the impact you’re here to make
  • A proven 11-Step Checklist so you know exactly what to include in your sales page (Say bye-bye to confusion & overwhelm & hello to clarity & getting it written!) 
Includes a 30-minute bonus training where I reviewed participants' sales pages and provided feedback for how to uplevel them.  
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About Megan Walrod, Founder of Live Your Yes 

Megan Walrod, M.A., C.F.M.W., is an Award-Winning Author, Copywriter and Marketing Coach. Over the past decade she's supported hundreds of women entrepreneurs build profitable and purposeful businesses. She has supported clients in having multiple $6- and $7-figure launches. Megan encourages her clients to “Live Your Yes,” knowing that when we live an inspired life, we are more magnetic and create more success for everyone. 


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