Awaken 2021

Join us for a Free Online
Journaling Adventure

Although the live event occurred on the Solstice,
you can sign up below to access the recording.

Journaling provides a direct channel to your inner wisdom, guidance & magical capacities of ABRACADABRA: creating what you desire with your words.

Which is why I invite you to bring your notebook and pen, and I'll bring the journaling prompts, and together, we'll dive in and...

Release the Old & Harvest The Gold

2020 has been a wild ride. But before we hightail it outta here, let's pause, release the old that no longer serves & harvest the gifts from a year that's changed us all.

Dream into the New & Step Into the Future You

What dreams and desires live inside of you, waiting to be acknowledged? What adventures await in 2021 if you say YES to them? Would you like to find out?

If so, join us on the Solstice, the longest night of the year, to tap in, tune in and gently, quietly... Awaken 2021.

Meet Megan Walrod, Your Guide

Megan, Founder of Live Your Yes, has super powers with words & loves using them to create more. As a copywriter & marketing coach, she’s shown hundreds of women entrepreneurs how to use words to build profitable & purposeful businesses. As a humanitarian, she’s co-written a book with a non-profit in Uganda that has raised over $50K for their empowerment programs for adolescent girls. As a lifelong journaler, she loves guiding women on journaling adventures that tap them into their inner wisdom and knowing. Megan recently moved to Portland, Oregon, and when she's not writing or coaching, she's outside wandering in the mossy, fern covered forests.