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The Forever Woman

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The Forever Woman

What My Novel Is About

How do you live your happily-ever-after when you’ve given up on your dream?

News of her rock star husband’s betrayal and her beloved grandmother’s near-lethal stroke forces Sabina, age 31, to confront the reality that she gave up her dream of being an artist to support her husband’s musical career. 

At the peak of her crisis, Sabina arrives in Santa Cruz, CA, where she rediscovers a number of old loves, including ocean swimming, process painting, and a high school sweetheart named Graham. 

As Sabina begins to paint again, she’s forced to reckon with big questions: Is it too late to live her dream? Must she choose between her dream and love? And, is the voice she’s hearing a sign she’s lost it, or one of the selkies—mythical shape-shifting seal folk from her youth—here to guide her?

The Story Behind The Book

Have you ever lost yourself in a relationship, giving up your dreams and what’s important to you to support someone else’s dreams?

I have, and I know how painful it is.

I began writing my novel after a major breakup in yet another relationship where I lost myself. The process of writing was cathartic and transformational. The main character of the story, Sabina, took me by the hand and showed me her story. Her story was my story, only with a different ending. She showed me how to reclaim my power from divorce and become the heroine of my own story (my own Forever Woman), so instead of losing myself, I have my back 100%.

Now it’s my turn to pay it forward, and share Sabina’s wisdom with you and as many readers as possible.

A Novel On A Mission

The Forever Woman is so much more than an entertaining read. It’s an empowering novel about how often we as modern women are torn between the pressures of cultural convention and our desire to follow our hearts. It also serves as a roadmap for how, even in the direst of circumstances, we can reclaim our power and get on track with our dreams.

When women read The Forever Woman, they’ll gain insight into how to:

  • Prioritize instead of abandon themselves
  • Be in intimate relationships without giving themselves away 
  • Value themselves and their unique journey
  • Listen to and trust their inner wisdom
  • Follow their desires
  • Access the gifts within their depths

Sabina (the heroine of my novel) and I are on a mission to ignite a movement of women inspired to become the heroines of their lives. Our world will be a kinder and more sustainable place when women break free from society’s expectations and trailblaze paths guided by their deepest heart’s desires.  

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