3 Questions to Be a Magnetic Invitation


So what’s love got to do with your marketing message?


I have worked with so many women entrepreneurs who get caught in the comparison trap as they write their copy and market their programs.

This fills them with judgment and even shame as they struggle to find the words that will set them apart and showcase their unique offers.

Do you get caught in the comparison trap? Do you judge your offer as not good enough and become anxious that people won’t sign up for it?

How does your judgment and anxiety impact your marketing copy?

How can your copy be an open door invitation for your ideal clients when you are closed down with doubt?

So what do you do instead? 


It’s not about ignoring all the judgments and shame. You’ve got to get support and clear those so you can infuse your words with your open inviting energy.

And before you write your next piece of copy, whatever it may be, take a few moments and tune into these questions…

3 Questions to Be a Magnetic Invitation

1. What is the presence and being-ness of who you are that attracts people to you?
(Get present to the value of who you BE.)

2. What are you inviting your ideal clients to experience in working with you?
(Get present to the possibility of something different for your ideal clients.)

3. What have you had clients experience in working with you?
(Get present to the value your clients have experienced already.)

As you tap into your love for yourself, your love for your clients and your knowingness of what else is possible for your ideal clients you become a magnetic and energetic invitation for more of your ideal clients to find you and say YES to working with you.

And you are now more open to actually receiving them because you are not locked up in your own judgments and anxieties.

This is the foundation of heart-based copy and heart-based marketing. 

So, what’s love got to do with it? Everything.

What is your latest offering that you’ll now infuse with even more love? 

Let’s celebrate all the heart-based offerings being created in our community!

Comment below to let us know what your heart-based offering is! I appreciate you and your commitment to bringing more love into the world!


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