Are you uninviting clients?


Recently I had a first-hand experience of being “uninvited” by a practitioner who I was really excited to see…

She was an acupuncturist who I’d been referred to. On the day of our much-anticipated appointment she called to tell me she had caught her daughter’s cold. We cancelled the session.

And she never followed up with me to reschedule.

I sought her out again because she had come so highly recommended. Yet she was slow to respond and didn’t convey any excitement to connect with me. Instead, in her email I felt the unspoken message:

“Agh! My practice is really full, my kids are sick… I don’t have the bandwidth to take on a new client!”

In other words, “Leave me alone!”

So what did I do? I left her alone! And I sought out another acupuncturist.

Now this is a practitioner I was really excited to work with and would have probably invested a lot of money in to work with over many months. And she uninvited me! It wasn’t just because she didn’t follow up with me. Or because she wasn’t all that excited to meet me.

It was her energetic barrier of overwhelm that blocked her from receiving me.

I know this experience myself. There have been instances in my own business where I uninvited new clients.

And I got really excited when I experienced this first-hand. You know why?

Because I got to harvest SO many gems from this for myself and pass them onto you!

Here are the 5 biggest gems I got from being “uninvited”:

1. A NEW RESOLVE: I got to feel the yucky energy of being “uninvited” which actually inspired me: I resolved to never have a potential client experience this with me again.

2. IT’S JUST A CHOICE: I remembered that overwhelm is just a choice. When experiencing overwhelm yourself you can ask questions like:

  • “What lie am I telling myself that has me spinning in overwhelm?” (Often times the lie I’m buying into when feeling overwhelmed is, “I don’t have enough time!” or “I’m not enough!”)
  • “What is my biggest priority right now?” (Focus in on that and let everything else go.)

3. FOLLOW UP: It’s very simple: follow up and follow through with all potential clients.

4. KEEP THE CHANNEL OPEN: My sense is this acupuncturist had a full practice – cool! Yet rather than blocking herself from receiving me she could have kept the channel open to receive more by:

  • Creating a wait list and scheduling me further out in the month
  • Raising her rates (thus “valuing” her time with clients even more)
  • Hint: these are great tips you can use too when you’re reaching a full client load.

5. IT’S ALL ENERGY: This practitioner’s energetic message spoke VOLUMES. I heard her unspoken words, “Leave me alone!” and that’s what I responded to. The energy of our message is heard by our clients, so…

  • Before you send an email to your potential clients (or publish your next blog or make your sales page go live) check in with yourself: what energetic message are you sending to your clients?

And one more BONUS gem to share with you…

In the face of feeling “uninvited” I could have gone into a place of judgment. I could have made her wrong, made the situation wrong, and not gotten a thing out of this experience.

Instead, I asked, “What’s right about this that I’m not getting?” and in the wake of asking that question I discovered these gems.

I’d love to hear from you… how will these gems help you be an even bigger invitation to your clients?

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