Top 10 List for Overcoming a Creation Hangover


So perhaps you’ve just birthed a huge project (like me) and there’s more to create. And yet, you hit a hangover phase of creation.

Symptoms? Foggy, tender, dazed and perhaps a little disoriented.

Here’s my Top 10 List for Overcoming a Creation Hangover:

10. Acknowledge what you created and the new future you’ve set in motion.

9. Celebrate what you just created (this taps you into fuel and inspiration to keep creating)!

8. Give thanks for yourself, your creation, your muse and all that contributed to your creation.

7. Sleep. Without an alarm. With earplugs and eye mask, preferably!

6. Move. Dance, hike, walk, run, climb. Allow the creative juices to keep swirling!

5. Don’t believe anything your mind spews that’s of the lower vibrational realm. (Like, “Oh my g*d, does it suck?” and “Will people want this?”)

4. Touch nature. Lay on the earth. Hold a stone. Remind yourself you are held and connected to everything.

3. Let go of all your expectations about what this now means, what this is going to look like to be birthed in the world, etc. You can set targets and intentions – but let go of the expectations. These create limitations rather than possibilities.

2. Receive from your creation: ask it what it would like to offer to you.

1. PLAY. Creating can be so much fun and feel like play in and of itself. And – what’s one thing that brings you a lot of joy, that refuels and enlivens you? That thing. Go do it. Be it. Experience it. Receive it. Enjoy it.

You’re here to shake up the world! It’s harder to do that when you’re in hangover mode! So now that you’ve got my Top 10 List – you don’t need to struggle or feel overwhelmed with creation hangover. Put these tips into action and discover what else is possible to keep creating with even more fun and ease.

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