How to get raving fans (it’s not what you think)


A beautiful man in our community asked me:

“What’s the best way I can share my work so that my audience receives it and becomes raving fans (and clients)?”

Great question! There are actually many questions within this one question. Today, I’m going to focus on the question about the raving fans.

(More on how to share your work so your audience receives it – and becomes clients – another time.)

First of all, let’s get on the same page with what Raving Fans are.

Raving Fans = people who love your work, have most likely experienced it first-hand and are excited to tell others all about you.

So what are the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make that block them from having raving fans? Check ‘em out…

Mistake #1: Making it mean something about you and your business.

What are you making the # of raving fans you have or don’t have mean about you and your business? That you’re good? That you’re bad? That you’ve achieved a certain level of visibility with your business? That it’s a sign you’re living your purpose? That you’re successful?
(What can you do instead? See #2…)

Mistake #2: Judging yourself for how many or how few raving fans you have.

These judgments are just going to block you from having what you really desire. So what to do instead?

Clear all the judgments you have around raving fans: how many you have, how many you don’t have, who else has more, etc. Let. Those. Go.

What else is possible when this number and this concept of raving fans don’t mean anything about you and your business?

Mistake #3: Dismissing the raving fans you do have because _________.
(Fill in the blank with whatever reason you make up like, they’re not the # you think you should have, they don’t express their rave in a way you think it should look, etc.)

What to do instead: Acknowledge the people in your world who rave about your work. Whether they do it publicly or not. Whether they write you love letters or not. Whether they connect you with their list of thousands or not. Whether they’re your friends or colleagues or your mom or the clients you worked with years ago or last month. Acknowledge to yourself all the fans you actually have had and currently do.

Mistake #4: Making it significant that you must have raving fans to be successful.

This just keeps you in a grasping, needy mode. How attractive is that?

So instead: Get clear on what you’re up to in the world and make that your biggest priority.

Be the greatest you can be with what you do. Be the leader you are here to be. You, being you, and bringing your attention to the change you desire to create in the world is attractive and magnetic.

Here’s the truth: 

Raving fans become raving fans when they are part of a movement that is bigger than you and bigger than them. You and your work are a catalyst for bringing forth something into the world that they really resonate with. That is what they are most excited to share with the world.

Let me give you some examples…

I rave about Access Consciousness.
Not only have the Access tools changed more and more quickly for me and my clients,
they’re an organization – a community – a movement – with one clear tangible target:
to catalyze, choose and create more consciousness in the world.
BAM. That is a movement I’m inspired to be a part of.

I rave about Dr. Saida Desilets.
She empowers and inspires women to prioritize their pleasure and dare into their desires.
Her message and mission are similar to my, “Live Your Yes,” approach to life and business.
I resonate with who she is and am really excited to share with women who Saida is and what she’s up to.

Let’s close with a bonus tip for creating raving fans:

Be that which you desire.

You can do this in two ways:

Be a raving fan of your own work. Allow your passion for what you do be palpable. It starts with YOU.

Be a raving fan of other people’s work. Find people/organizations/businesses that you resonate with and rave about them.


Was this helpful for you?

Let me know. I love hearing from you. And if you’ve got questions about copywriting, attracting clients and sharing your message, comment below and let me know. I love using your questions to inspire more free stuff for you, like blogs, videos and more.

Until next time, Live Your Yes!


p.s. A couple specific raves:

~ My first introduction to Access Consciousness was Dr. Dain Heer’s book, “Being You, Changing The World.” That book, and the tools inside it, changed my life. No kidding. That’s how potent it is. I invite you to check it out, but only if you’re looking for change and more possibilities. 🙂  (Click here to check it out.)

~ I’m in Dr. Saida’s “Jade Egg Mastery Live” program. It’s already rocking my world and we just had the first group coaching call. Although the doors are closed to the live program, you can still check out her online Jade Egg Mastery program to see how it might inspire and empower you. What else is possible when more women come home to themselves, heal from pain and shame, and reclaim their (sexual) sovereignty? Yeah… that’s a mission I’m excited about. You? Skip on over here to check her out.


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