3 Steps for Creating Client Connection

Jun 30, 2018
It’s time to write your monthly ezine article and you don’t know what to write about.


Believe me, I’ve been there! I know this place well.

Yet the good news?

There are always gems in your own personal story that can be polished and shared with your people.

Yet how do you do this without…

– Sharing too much (and losing potential clients because they think you need help)

– Not sharing enough (and losing potential clients because they can’t feel your heart and don’t trust you)

– Coming across as egotistical and narcissistic

Well, first, you want to set the intention for your articles:

“My intention is to share a vulnerable story from my own life to inspire and support my people.”

And then, follow these 3 steps so your articles inspire connection and trust:

Step 1: Go Broad and Brainstorm

Reflect on your own life:

  • What’s your growing edge right now?
  • What adventures have you gone on lately?
  • What changes are you in the midst of?
  • What was your most recent embarrassing moment?

Step 2: Go Deep and Mine for Gold

Choose one of your answers to a question above and go deeper:

  • What was one of your biggest insights from this experience?
  • What did you learn about yourself? Your business/health/relationship?
  • What mistakes did you make that your people could learn from?

Step 3: Build the Bridge and Create Connection

Use your “gold” to inspire your clients by answering this question:

  • How does this *gold * relate to what your clients struggle with or what they want?

Now, build a bridge with your story by drawing the parallel between your gold and their struggle/desire.


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