7 Tips For Creating Like A Mofo


I’m a little high on the drug known as “CREATION.”

Okay, I confess, I’m a lot high. I’ve been creating so much over the past month especially and I’m riding way more than fumes. I’m fuelled by inspiration, possibilities and magic.

I had a strong desire to share with you what I’ve discovered and been reminded of about CREATION in the past few months to support YOU, too, in riding the high of creation.

‘Cause the truth is, we’re either in creation-mode or destruction-mode. We’re either living or we’re dying. Which do you choose?

When we’re in creation mode, we’re freaking CREATING and choosing more of what we desire:

  • More money? Check.
  • More clients? Check.
  • More leadership? Check.
  • More adventure? Check
  • More expression of our authentic crazy wild selves? Check.

All there, coming to us on a silver platter, when we CREATE!

So why wait to get creating? Here you go – my 7 Tips For Creating Like A Mofo:::>

  1. What channel are you choosing? You’re either creating or you’re destroying – yourself, your business, your dreams. Case in point: tune into the mental chatter going on in your head: what’s it saying to you? It’s usually either dialed into the “judgment” channel or the “what else is possible?” channel. You choose. Destruction and limitation or creation and possibility.
  2. What do you do when you don’t feel like you have anything to say, and don’t know what to write about for your next blog, article, or email, let alone what to create next for your business? LET GO of trying to figure out what to say and create.
    Instead, go for a walk. Go dancing. Go digging in the garden. Go lay on the earth and close your eyes. Empty. Listen. Receive. Open to the whispers of your own brilliance that have been waiting  for you to pay attention.
  3. What do you do when you feel scattered and unfocused, with so many ideas swirling around inside of you? First: let go of the judgment that you’re scattered. Nothing is wrong with you. You’re a Tasmanian devil that just requires some love and support.
    Second: Ask some questions: which idea will contribute more to you right now? Which idea is ready now? Which idea will contribute more to your future? Tune into your awareness with each question and choose an idea to play with based on that.


    Third: Follow the energy with the idea. What does it wish to be? Keep listening for when it may be time to pay attention to another idea, bring in another idea to contribute to this idea that’s become a project, or let this project now sit and ripen in the sun while you tune into another idea.

  4. How do you bring all these ideas into one coherent offer or ebook or other form? This is a big question with so many possibilities. Here’s one resource from the archives that provides some great suggestions for turning your (book) idea into a reality (it works for more than just books, too): http://www.meganwalrod.com/practical-steps-for-turning-your-book-idea-into-a-reality/
  5. How do you create more in less time? I have one word for you: REPURPOSE! Say you have an idea to write a blog about creating like a mofo 🙂 Post the blog, send the content to your community in an email, turn 1-2 liners from that blog into quotables and post on social media (if you’re into making home-grown graphics like I am you can put that quotable on an image by using canva.com or picmonkey.com), create a video riffing off that same topic…
    And BAM! You’ve just created 4+ avenues for sharing your valuable inspiring message with the word, you exercised your creation muscle and you created more touch-points for your people to find you. And you saved time… Pretty cool, eh?
  6. How do you bring more heart into what you’re creating? I invite you to look at the energies and the words you’re using. They BOTH matter.
    ENERGIES: When you sit down to write your blog or sales page, do you get constricted and overwhelmed with worry about what to say? Or do you tune into your heart and tap into your excitement to share what you have to say? Guess which one puts more heart-energy into your words?


    WORDS & ENERGIES: in case you haven’t heard it already, check out the recording of the free training I did last week, “4 Easy Steps To Writing Heart-Based Sales Pages That Sell.” Did I mention it’s free? And it’s jam-packed with valuable tips and tools for how to bring more heart into your creations.

  7. What do you do when there is so much you wish to create yet don’t quite know where to go from here? Talk it out. Get support. Identify your big desire. Then look at what are the small (or big) steps you can start with to move towards that.
    I’m opening up my calendar to offer a few Free Laser Creation Coaching Sessions 
     later this month. This is a 30 minute call in which we’ll identify:
    • Your big desire
    • Your biggest challenge with creating that desire
    • Tips for blasting through that challenge
    • The small (or big) steps you can take to move towards your big desire

Continuing to work with me will be one of those options on the table for moving forward, and there will be other possibilities as well.

Interested in claiming one of these spots on my calendar so you get support with creating like a mofo? Contact me here and let me know what you’d like to get out of a 30 minute Laser Creation Coaching Call with me.

Here’s what Cinder had to say about her 15-minute laser coaching session with me last month (imagine what’s possible with 30 minutes with me!):

“I was excited to have my session with Megan because I have been floundering working on a new home page. Within the first two minutes she saw precisely where I was stuck and gave me a nudge in the right direction. Since those 15 minutes I sent out a powerful email to my list directly inspired by Megan’s suggestion. From that I also created an intimate in-person workshop which is already one third full. Obviously Megan has the ability to cut through my confusion quickly and succinctly and help me see a clear path!”

So there you have it! 7 Tips For Creating Like A Mofo!

Whether you’re already creating like a mofo or looking to get support with creating like a mofo or anywhere in between… may these 7 tips support you in creating beyond anything you’ve ever created before!

And may you open to receiving RIGHT NOW the infusion of high vibe CREATIVITY that I am sending to you NOW! BAM!

Thank you for receiving this gift from me, and for saying YES to sharing more of your gifts with the world. If not now, when? And if not you, who?

Oodles of mofo love to you,


P.S. I have a few more spots available in my LAUNCH IT! Write Your Heart-Based Sales Page Program starting on 3/1. How might this program support you in creating like a mofo with heart? Imagine:

More clients. Check.

More money. Check.

All in a way that feels good. Check.

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