Unleash Your Magnetic Mojo

Jun 30, 2018
Picture this…

You’re working on copy for your upcoming launch.

You’re holed up in your office, curled over your computer.

You’re alternating between typing furiously on your keyboard and sitting frozen, staring at the screen.


On the surface, it’s a very typical scene.

Yet… what’s going on beneath the surface?

Is this one of those sluggish and painful writing experiences?

Or is there magnetic mojo flowing?

I imagine you want more magnetic mojo flowing through your copywriting, so that writing is more easeful and the final copy has you singing…

“My Clients Get Me!”


“My Clients are saying YES to my Offer!”

So to tap into your magnetic mojo, take these 2 steps (before you write your copy):

Step 1: Be Your Best Self

One of the biggest problems you’re making is not being YOU when writing your copy.

You may become the academic or the scholar, the “good student” trying to get it just right, or the rebel, breaking all the copy rules and wanting to write copy your way.

Or, you may feel overrun with the inner critic who never runs out of words to tell you how much you suck.

Any of these versions of you is not the most client magnetic YOU.

To IGNITE your MAGNETIC YOU, take a few minutes to tap into your PASSION for what you do.

This could look like…

– Tapping into your BIG WHY (Why do you do what you do?)

– Picturing your BIG VISION (What image of your future excites you most?)

– Remembering the last call or event you led where you ROCKED (What did you feel like at the peak of this event?)

And move your body. Jump up and down, swing your arms side to side, dance… Allow your passion to fill you completely. This energy is MAGNETIC. This is YOU being YOU at your BEST.

OMG… in this way of being, you FEEL so good and this energy will INFUSE your copy with magnetic mojo that ATTRACTS your people.

So it starts with you, and now we need to include your people…

Step 2: Talk “Client-Speak”

I hear a lot of my clients say, “My clients don’t ‘get’ me…”

This can feel like a real problem.

Yet, I need to tell you the real-real problem

The real-real problem is not “getting” your ideal clients.

Your ideal clients read your copy and wonder, “Does she get me?”

You have to let them know you get them, and you do this through using the right words: the words THEY use. This is called “Client-Speak”!

So to make sure you’re using “Client-Speak”, tune into your favorite ideal clients and answer these questions:

– Who are they?

– What do they care about?

– What are their biggest challenges?

– What are they creating instead in their life through their work with you?

– What are the words they use to talk about all of this?

You can review notes of your sessions, emails they’ve written, feedback forms… anything that has their direct words. Then, make sure you write your copy using their words.

Now put it all together…

When you Be Your Best Self and Talk Client-Speak, you tap into greater magnetic mojo in your copywriting.

So go forth! Be Your Big Bad Magnetic Mojo Self and tell me… what do YOU do to tap into Your Best Self?


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