How to get raving fans (it’s not what you think)


A beautiful man in our community asked me:

“What’s the best way I can share my work so that my audience receives it and becomes raving fans (and clients)?”

Great question! There are actually many questions within this one question. Today, I’m going to focus on the question about the raving fans.

(More on how to share your work so your audience receives it – and becomes clients – another time.)

First of all, let’s get on the same page with what Raving Fans are.

Raving Fans = people who love your work, have most likely experienced it first-hand and are excited to tell others all about you.

So what are the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make that block them from having raving fans? Check ‘em out…

Mistake #1: Making it mean something about you and your business.

What are you making the # of raving fans you have or don’t have mean about you and your business? That you’re good? That...

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3 Questions to Be a Magnetic Invitation


So what’s love got to do with your marketing message?


I have worked with so many women entrepreneurs who get caught in the comparison trap as they write their copy and market their programs.

This fills them with judgment and even shame as they struggle to find the words that will set them apart and showcase their unique offers.

Do you get caught in the comparison trap? Do you judge your offer as not good enough and become anxious that people won’t sign up for it?

How does your judgment and anxiety impact your marketing copy?

How can your copy be an open door invitation for your ideal clients when you are closed down with doubt?

So what do you do instead? 


It’s not about ignoring all the judgments and shame. You’ve got to get support and clear those so you can infuse your words with your open inviting energy.

And before you write your next piece of copy, whatever it may be, take a few...

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Are you uninviting clients?


Recently I had a first-hand experience of being “uninvited” by a practitioner who I was really excited to see…

She was an acupuncturist who I’d been referred to. On the day of our much-anticipated appointment she called to tell me she had caught her daughter’s cold. We cancelled the session.

And she never followed up with me to reschedule.

I sought her out again because she had come so highly recommended. Yet she was slow to respond and didn’t convey any excitement to connect with me. Instead, in her email I felt the unspoken message:

“Agh! My practice is really full, my kids are sick… I don’t have the bandwidth to take on a new client!”

In other words, “Leave me alone!”

So what did I do? I left her alone! And I sought out another acupuncturist.

Now this is a practitioner I was really excited to work with and would have probably invested a lot of money in to work with over many months. And...

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3 Big Mistakes I Made During My Solo Writing Retreat


I designated this weekend as a Solo Writing Retreat. I envisioned diving in deep to work on copy for 2 big client projects. Me, my Mac, and my Muse. It was going to be sweeeeet!

And yet even with the best intentions set, I made some big, very commonvery painful mistakes. The kinds of mistakes I COACH my clients on how to avoid. As I found myself in the “deer in headlights” pose I felt totally humbled.

It took a girlfriend to help me see what I already knew. She snapped me out of the fog and into a focused flow. I had to laugh. And then I had to share these mistakes to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Mistake #1: Fantasy Expectations

I had this fantasy of getting dozens of emails written for several email campaigns and a couple chapters written for a book I’m ghostwriting. Up until Saturday morning this seemed doable. Realistic even.

Saturday morning came and I felt like I was at the foot of Mt. Everest, expecting to reach the...

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3 Steps for Creating Client Connection

It’s time to write your monthly ezine article and you don’t know what to write about.


Believe me, I’ve been there! I know this place well.

Yet the good news?

There are always gems in your own personal story that can be polished and shared with your people.

Yet how do you do this without…

– Sharing too much (and losing potential clients because they think you need help)

– Not sharing enough (and losing potential clients because they can’t feel your heart and don’t trust you)

– Coming across as egotistical and narcissistic

Well, first, you want to set the intention for your articles:

“My intention is to share a vulnerable story from my own life to inspire and support my people.”

And then, follow these 3 steps so your articles inspire connection and trust:

Step 1: Go Broad and Brainstorm

Reflect on your own life:

  • What’s your growing edge right now?
  • What adventures have you gone...
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Unleash Your Magnetic Mojo

Picture this…

You’re working on copy for your upcoming launch.

You’re holed up in your office, curled over your computer.

You’re alternating between typing furiously on your keyboard and sitting frozen, staring at the screen.


On the surface, it’s a very typical scene.

Yet… what’s going on beneath the surface?

Is this one of those sluggish and painful writing experiences?

Or is there magnetic mojo flowing?

I imagine you want more magnetic mojo flowing through your copywriting, so that writing is more easeful and the final copy has you singing…

“My Clients Get Me!”


“My Clients are saying YES to my Offer!”

So to tap into your magnetic mojo, take these 2 steps (before you write your copy):

Step 1: Be Your Best Self

One of the biggest problems you’re making is not being YOU when writing your copy.

You may become the...

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