Sales: A New Love Language?

We’re going to talk about love…

And then I’m going to show you how it connects to sales and Marie Forleo’s secret weapon.

(If you’ve ever wanted to throw up at the thought of sales – of writing a sales page or having an enrollment conversation or making an offer from the stage – this is especially for you.)

Have you ever heard about the 5 love languages?

This approach to communication and understanding our partners in romantic relationships was developed by Gary Chapman, longtime relationship counselor.

Basically, there are 5 emotional love languages – different ways that we express and understand love. We create optimal relationships when we understand our own and our partner’s love languages and speak to one another using our partner’s love language, not our own.

Here are the 5 Love Languages:

  1. Physical Touch: this is the touchy-feely person who desires (and requires) hugs, gentle touches, back rubs, etc., to know that...
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