What does receiving mean to you?

Jun 30, 2018

I’ve been looking at my life and business, grateful for all the abundance and gifts and yet KNOWING…

More Is Possible

I started wondering,

What would it take to create and receive MORE? 

And then my business coach asked me,

“What is receiving to you?”

My response?

“Wow… on some level I still believe that receiving is dangerous. I see it as taking on other people’s sh*t.”

F*ck! (And how’s it get any better than that? Now at least I SEE this.)

If that is what receiving is to me, no wonder I’ve been blocking myself from receiving the MORE that I know is possible!

My coach and I cleared out the lies I had bought into about receiving so I can now open to receiving more. This will require practice as I unlearn the old story and create a new one about receiving.

So I wanted to invite you into this receiving ride, too! 

2 Questions About Receiving:

  1. What is receiving to you?

Really allow yourself to go there… to explore all the layers of this. It may help to have someone else ask you this and hold space for you to uncover what you may have been hiding from yourself about what receiving is.

  1. Who are you BEING when you view receiving this way?

Notice what you notice. Are you truly being you? Or have you taken on your mom’s or dad’s or someone else’s interesting point of view about receiving?

(When I asked myself this question, I discovered I was NOT being me. I was buying into other’s lies and stories about this.)

Please don’t go into judgment about yourself with any of this. 

The gift of these questions is that they open you to knowing more about this so you can CHANGE it. They also open you to being more fully YOU, rather than living someone else’s lies.

I invite you to stay tuned: as I journey forward in my own “receiving ride” I’ll be sharing more with you in support of YOU receiving more fully.

I’d love to hear from you. Comment below and share with me how might your life and business be different if you began receiving more?

At your side in this receiving ride!


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