|Part 2| Attracting More Clients (The pragmatics + Marie Forleo)

Dec 31, 2020

In case you missed Part 1 of my series re. attracting more clients, no worries. Let me sum it up for you:

When you turn up the energetic radio volume on your energy and passion for what you’re a stand for, for your ideal clients, you attract more clients.


HOWEVER… if you JUST focus on the energetics you miss out on so many opportunities for serving more clients and making more money.

(It’s like the “OM Method” of getting clients - you sit on your couch all day, ommmmm-ing, waiting for your ideal clients to knock on your door and wondering why more aren’t showing up!)

That’s why you gotta partner your ENERGETICS with the PRAGMATICS to attract more clients. Specifically, I’m talking about the WORDS YOU USE to describe what you do. They’re super important!

Check out what Marie Forleo has to say about the power of our words as entrepreneurs:

“I've spent years watching brilliant entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and the one difference that separates those who succeed from those who don't comes down to a single skill: The ability to communicate their message in a way that resonates and connects with their ideal audience.”

Did you get what Marie (owner of the B-School and MarieTV) is saying?

The biggest factor determining your success is your ability to communicate your message in a way that resonates and connects with your ideal audience.

This is how important your words are.

Now, in case you just got depressed, ‘cause you think you suck at copywriting (which is the art of using WORDS to SELL your services), I’ve got GREAT NEWS FOR YOU:

Copywriting is a SKILL you can LEARN.

I’ve got some hot tips in the queue to share with you for how to use your WORDS (the pragmatic partners to your energetics) to attract more clients. So STAY TUNED!

Meanwhile, some home play for you: on a scale of 1-5, how well do you think you’re communicating your message in a way that resonates and connects with your ideal clients?

(1 = you aren’t attracting any clients and 5 = you’re attracting a ton of clients with your message)

Comment below and let me know. Acknowledging where you’re at RIGHT NOW is a great step towards identifying if this is an area for you to get support in. If you gave yourself anything lower than a 5, no worries... keep reading this series for more tips on how to attract more clients! 

Remember: when you partner the ENERGETICS of your invitation to ideal clients with the WORDS that resonate with them: hot damn, you are on your way to attracting more clients than ever. You become the ULTRA magnetic lighthouse of possibility.

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