|Part 1| Attracting More Clients (The Energetics)

Dec 31, 2020

It’s a seductive downward spiral to focus on what we’re against and what we don’t want. So instead, I encourage you to tap into the energies of what you’re a stand FOR. 


I’m a stand for women knowing their value, sharing their gifts and using their voice to catalyze change.

What about you?

Take a moment to tap in and tune into this… the ENERGY of what you know is possible for your ideal clients… and your PASSION for showing them how to create this in their life, business, career, relationships, body and beyond.

BREATHE into this and EXHALE this into the world.

As you tap into the energy of all that you are a stand for, for your ideal clients, you begin to broadcast this energy into the world… you BE the invitation you’re offering to them through your services and programs.

Turn up the energetic radio volume on your energy and passion and see for yourself how this increases your magnetism.

How attractive do you think you are to your ideal clients when you’re BEING the energy and passion of all that you’re a stand for -- for them?

A little, a lot, or a mega-ton-a-latte?!?! :)

Yeah… mega-tons attractive.

Example, here’s what one of my clients, Wendy, shared with me about what attracted her to me: “I chose to work with Megan because I wanted what she had: authentic expression and the confidence to share her voice. In our work together she encouraged me to claim my gifts and expertise, along with that which brings me joy.”

What did I tell you I was a stand for? Women sharing their gifts and using their voice to catalyze change. BY BEING A STAND FOR THIS I ATTRACTED MORE OF MY IDEAL CLIENTS to me.

What new clients might you attract today, this week, this month, when you’re being the ENERGY of all that you’re inviting them into?

Go forth Jedi and see…

Stretch your energetic muscles and use them as one of your big core business assets.

You’ve got this.


Oh! Re. Wendy, my client? She went on to enjoy her best income year yet when working with me, “I’m now standing in my authentic expression and enjoying more satisfaction and success with my business.” Ripples, baby… ripples…


While YES, everything is energy and YES, BEING the energetic invitation of what you’re offering to your clients is KEY to you attracting more clients, there’s another important piece to consider… it’s the PRAGMATICS you wanna partner with your ENERGETICS. Curious? 

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