On Asking (Part 2)

Jun 30, 2018

It was a grey Saturday afternoon many years ago.

I was in San Jose, California, standing outside a gas station talking to a woman as she pumped gas into her SUV. After introducing myself, I asked her if she would like to have a free consultation with me.

What an audacious ask, right?!

I was playing a game to see how fast I could get 10 “NOs” from potential clients.

Say what?

It was an exercise I was doing in a marketing training. Along with about one hundred other entrepreneurs, I left the hotel where the training was taking place and headed out on the streets to overcome my fear of REJECTION and hearing the dreaded NO.

That experience was priceless! I discovered how much FUN I could have when I embraced the NO and actually WELCOMED IT!

(The funny thing? That woman at the gas station actually said YES! She loved my energy and enthusiasm. We had a great free consult. It turned out she wasn’t my ideal client so I gave her some inspiration and resources and blessed her on her way.)

As mentors of mine used to say, if you don’t ASK, the answer is always, “NO.”

So my questions for you is:

Are you asking your potential clients to take the next step with you?

If you’re not, guess what? The answer is always going to be NO!

If you’re wondering why you don’t have all the clients you desire, or why your programs aren’t filling, the answer may be in this question:


I know. It’s a very vulnerable thing to ASK.

We get afraid of rejection, of hearing “NO.”

But what if you embraced the NO?

What if rather than seeing NO as REJECTION, you saw it as a GIFT?

What if the NO is saving you from a very difficult client?

What if the NO is saving you from drama and trauma?

What if the NO is the Universe saying, “I have something better in mind”?

We also get afraid of sounding salesy and being manipulative.

I see entrepreneurs make the mistake of handing their business card to a potential client and saying, “Call me anytime,” instead of actually ASKING THEM to a Free Consultation or follow up conversation.

I see websites and sales pages that leave out a very essential ingredient:
THE INVITATION TO TAKE A NEXT STEP towards a conversation and working together.

If you don’t ASK, the answer is always “NO.”

What if you ASKING someone to take a next step is a LIFELINE for them?

What if your courage in ASKING inspires someone else’s courage to say YES to take a next step towards getting what it is they really desire?

What might change in your business if you started ASKING more?

In your next conversation, invite them to take the next step with you. It can be as easy (and bold) as asking, “Would you like to get started?”

In your next sales page, be sure to include a very clear invitation to sign up for your program.

What if you ASKING is the answer to someone’s prayer?

Get out there and ASK, my friend. The Universe is your playground. Have fun!
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