How To Capture Clients’ Raving Reviews

Oct 31, 2018
Do you collect testimonials from your clients?

A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of not collecting them or they don’t know how to capture engaging and captivating testimonials.

Raving Reviews (aka Testimonials) are GOLD – they are a very valuable (and often overlooked) aspect of your marketing materials.

Why are Testimonials GOLD?

2 Big Reasons:

  1. They serve as ‘social proof’ that working with you is a wise investment/great idea/life-changing experience.
  1. They paint a picture of what is possible for someone else going through a similar situation (business challenges, relationship issues, etc.). This picture creates a story that your ideal clients can put themselves into. (“If they can do it, I can too!”)

Testimonials – when done well – become stories that have the power to inspire, empower and sell.

I really enjoy requesting testimonials from my clients. To make it super easy for them I offer 2 things:

  1. A Testimonial Template
  2. An invitation for them to share their Raving Review with me over the phone

Many of them take me up on the phone call option and it’s SO fun! They share the gems they received from our work together as well as how those gems have had ripple effects in their lives and business. I’ve been deeply inspired by these calls.

(These calls are also valuable for my clients, too. By taking the time to review their experience of working with me, they also get to acknowledge how much they grew and created during our work together and beyond.)

If you haven’t been collecting testimonials, I encourage you to start doing this today. Here are 2 templates you can share with your clients to make it super easy for them to write. (They’ll thank you for saving them time and energy!)

(Customize these templates by inserting your name and area of focus in the appropriate places, and selecting the “him/her” option that fits best!)

Template 1:

Before working with Insert Your Name I struggled with…

In working with him/her I discovered…

After working with him/her


Template 2:

I knew I wanted… (Result you were looking to create in your insert the area of focus of your business ::: business/relationship/body/money flows, etc)

I chose to work with Insert Your Name because…

I am so (happy/satisfied/fill in the blank!) because now I have… (How did your work with me support your insert area of focus from above)


One more important thing: invite your clients to select ONE of these templates and share 1-3 sentences in response to each line. And the more specific they can be, the better.

So there you go! Templates to use to collect your own Raving Reviews! Have fun collecting these and inspiring more people with what’s possible for them when they work with you.

That’s another reason these testimonials are GOLD – they serve as great reminders to YOU of the amazing work you are doing.

Shine on!


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