Find The Sweet Spot: 4 Levels Of Pricing

heart-based sales pages marketing Oct 29, 2018

Do you drive standard? 

There’s a sweet spot with the clutch and the gas. When you find it you’re able to switch gears seamlessly. It’s like you’re driving an automatic.

Do you know where the sweet spot is with your pricing?

It’s OK if you say, “NO!” Many of the entrepreneurs I coach struggle with pricing their services. “How much should I charge?” they ask me with a moan. “How do I put a price tag on my gifts?” they ask, along with, “Is that enough? Is it not enough? Is it too much?”

Oh, the pricing agony! How much time and energy do you waste coming up with the “right” pricing?

Yet imagine having a “sweet spot” with your pricing – where it’s both sweet for YOU and for your ideal client. So much so that you’re excited to answer the question, “How much is it?” and they’re excited to say, “YES!”

So how do you find the sweet spot?

Let me first tell you how I found mine… then I’ll share the 4 Levels of Pricing that I used so you can find your sweet spot with pricing again and again and again!

Last year I offered a VIP package to a client. I invited her to spend 2 days on Kauai with me to birth her book. She said YES and then asked the to-be-expected question, “How much?”

I needed to come up with a “sweet spot price” ASAP! Luckily, our exchange was via email so I had a little bit of time to respond.

I immediately sent texts to 2 friends and mentors of mine with the question, “I’ve invited a client to spend 2 VIP days with me in Kauai. What would you charge?”

One friend, who is a very successful 7-figure business coach said, “I charge anywhere from $10-15K for a VIP Day.” (“Holy sh*t!” was my response, along with, “Awesome and wow, that’s crazy cool!”)

My other friend, also very successful and the one who referred this client to me, said, “Anywhere from $2-5K.” (“Hmmm…ok… I can see this and be stretched by this,” was my response.)

I still desired more input, so I emailed another trusted advisor of mine and she shared some great wisdom: whenever you’re starting off with something new, set a price that feels easy to take a stand for and then increase it as you offer this more and more. Let the price grow as you grow into that offering.

I took in all of this wisdom and I set a price that felt really sweet for both of us. My client said YES! We both won!

In going through this process I touched in on 4 different levels of pricing to find my own sweet spot. I’ve turned this into the 4 Levels of Pricing below. You can use these levels to find the “sweet spot” with all of your offerings.

Level 1: That’s a Steal!

Think of the investment that is SO low you would be embarrassed to even speak it. $1? or $97 for 3 hours of one-on-one sessions with you? Or $997 for 6 months?

This is a valuable level to hang out in so you really feel that place in you that says NO WAY.

Level 2: That’s a Deal!

This is the amount that you feel really easy and comfortable with. Perhaps you’re offering a new program. Perhaps you’re offering something as a guest on a telesummit and want to give them a really sweet deal. This is the price that rolls off your tongue.

Level 3: That’s a Stretch!

This is the amount that stretches you beyond your comfort zone. You know this amount is going to help you stand in your value even more. It’s going to lift you into a new level of wealth consciousness.

This price takes practicing in the mirror a dozen times to really “own” it. Saying the number gives you butterflies in your stomach. It creates a nervous tension that is also known as excitement.

Level 4: That’s Crazy!

This is the amount that right now feels totally outrageous to you. Yet you know other people charge this. You have fantasies of the day you will charge this much for your programs and VIP days.

Keep this number in your awareness. This stretches and opens you up to the possibility of it. This is the first step towards turning your “Level 4: That’s Crazy!” price into your “Level 2: That’s a Deal!” price.

(Psst… I never want you to price something at Level 1. Got that? Never.)

So take a moment right now. Tune into your offer.

Knowing as much as you do about this offer (which right now may be a little or a lot) move through these 4 levels for a moment. Put some numbers down for each of these levels. Notice the different energies that come up with each one. Ride that range: really! As you stretch into Level 4 just to FEEL this, you stretch yourself, and all of a sudden your Level 2 price doesn’t feel so intimidating anymore.

Did this help you find your “sweet spot” with pricing your new offer?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know your biggest takeaway from this article. Which level have you been hanging out in with your pricing? How has seeing these 4 levels inspired your pricing going forward?

When you take a moment to write this down here, you ensure you’re more likely to use and remember these 4 levels the next time you’re pricing a new offer!

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