Did Your Book Idea Knock On Your Door?

Jun 30, 2018

Do you own an idea or does it choose you?

If you don’t respond to an idea immediately, will it go find someone else to play with?

Is it possible to have the same idea for a book that someone else has on the other side of the planet (or next door)?

These are questions that Elizabeth Gilbert (author of the bestselling book, “Eat, Pray, Love”) addresses in her new book, “Big Magic.” She writes about how ideas are living energies with one primary target: to partner with a human and become made manifest.

From her magical point of view (which I really dig) – an idea CHOOSES you. It will knock on your door. Are you listening? Are you receptive to it? Is now the time? Do you say YES or do you say NO?

If you’re caught up in the busyness (and business) of the moment and don’t hear the knock – OR – you hear the knock but decide now is not the time, the idea will move on and knock on someone else’s door.

Is there a book idea that’s been knocking on your door?

Did you answer the door and let it in?

Perhaps you invited this book idea in for tea or a green smoothie. Perhaps you asked it some questions. Perhaps you even said YES to writing it.

But the phone rang, the dog barked asking to be let out, or you had to go for a session with a client. You got up from the table. You walked away from the book idea, telling it you would return.

Minutes turned into hours turned into days turned into months turned into years, and you never returned.

If the book idea is patient, it may still be waiting for you. It probably left the table and wandered through the many rooms of your home, watching you, seeing if your YES is trustworthy.

Perhaps you’ve had conversations off and on with this book idea over the past few months or years. You’ve written notes or blogs or used the idea to inspire classes.

But this book idea is waiting for you to manifest it into the form it truly desires: A BOOK.

What would it take for you to finally sit down with this book idea again and actually write it?

Getting support?

Going to an island?

Making this book idea more important than your daily demands?

Overcoming the inner voices that tell you you can’t do this?

Setting aside several days, a week, ten days, a month to get this idea launched?

A spaceship uses a third of its fuel to launch – then it’s on its way to the moon!

What if you committed a “third” of your fuel (time, energy, resources) to get your book idea launched?

What if instead of waiting, waiting, waiting for the right time, you CREATED writing time?

It’s up to you.

The book idea chose you… is now the time you choose it and say YES?

Is now the time to get into action?

If so, I celebrate you. I can also help you write your book.

As a #1 bestselling author and book coach, I know what it takes to turn a book idea into an actual BOOK.

Ready to say YES to your book?

Contact me for information about a new exciting offer!

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