4 Questions To Inspire More Yeses From Your Ideal Clients

Aug 03, 2019

What questions run through your ideal clients’ minds and hearts as they read your website and sales page?

What do they need to know (and feel) in order to say, “YES” to you?

If you don’t know what these questions are, or how to answer them, you will continue to lose potential clients. Once you know what these questions are (and how to answer them) you’ll have a step-by-step repeatable system to use to ensure all your marketing materials are set up to inspire more of your ideal clients to say, “YES” to working with you.

Question 1. Do You Get Me?

Your ideal clients need to know that you understand what they are going through. This is how they know you get them. If they don’t feel like you get them, they’ll click away to another site.

If you try to speak to everyone, your marketing materials end up vague and broad and do not work. Instead, know your audience.

  • Are they mompreneurs, overwhelmed with juggling their children, home, business and relationship?
  • Are they divorced women feeling awkward with dating and starting over again?

Use clear and specific language that your ideal clients use (I call this “client speak”) to describe their biggest pain and struggles.

Question 2: Can You Help Me?

If your ideal clients see that you get them, now they need to know you can help them.

Use “client speak” to show them you can help them get what they desire.

For example, are they women struggling with hot flashes, whipping their tops off in the midst of a business meeting because they think they’re going to melt? And all they want is relief from these volcanic and sporadic heat waves?

If you use technical words to explain their hot flashes (estrogen and progesterone and other hormonal changes) or your modality (let me stick needles in you to help stop those) you lose potential clients. They don’t speak technical jargon or “modality speak.”

So again, use “client-speak” (their words) to describe how you can help them get what they desire. Then they’ll sigh with relief, “Ahhh, you CAN help me,” and keep reading.

Question 3: Why YOU?

Once they’re satisfied that you get them and can help them, now they want to know: why you? Why should they trust you? Why should they work with you? Why do you care?

Answer this question and create connection with your ideal clients while increasing the “know, like and trust” factor in these two ways:

  • Share your personal story: share how you overcame the same struggle they’re having (if that’s true) and include the credentials, training and number of people you’ve already worked with. When told (and written) well, stories sell and establish you as a trustworthy guide.
  • Share your personality: what makes you laugh? What annoys you? What are you passionate about? Just like you have greater chemistry with some people than others, your ideal clients naturally have chemistry with you – when you allow them to know YOU.

Your story and unique personality set you apart from all the other practitioners doing similar work. They also serve to create chemistry with your ideal clients, which spark the warm-fuzzies that inspire them to say YES to working with you.

Question 4: Why NOW?

If you don’t let your potential clients know the cost of waiting to take action, the symptoms they’re struggling with may flair up into something worse. Whether it’s:

  • Symptoms that if not treated lead to adrenal fatigue and burnout (that require a long recovery time), or
  • New entrepreneurs struggling to attract clients who are considering leaving their passion to get a job…

Wouldn’t you want them to know the cost of waiting to get support?

If you don’t answer Question #4 in your copy, you don’t give your potential clients a reason to act NOW. They may click away from your sales page or site and get lost in the noise of the Internet. Not only do you lose potential clients but also their life, business, health or relationship may suffer even more.

So answer this question by addressing the cost of waiting to take action. Come from your heart. That way, this doesn’t become fear-based marketing, it’s heart-based urgency, letting them know that with help they can get what they desire.

This is the biggest edge for many entrepreneurs, but urgency is the energy that has people say YES to you, now.

So here’s your re-cap:

  • Know your audience
  • Use client-speak to describe their struggles and what they desire
  • Connect with them by sharing your story and personality
  • Let them know the cost of not getting support now

Use these 4 questions again and again to make writing your next sales page or website copy easier and more effective.


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