Shall I Flirt or Be Direct? Tips for Writing Subject Lines

copywriting marketing Oct 30, 2018
Shall I flirt or be direct?

It’s a great question to ask…

in copywriting and dating!

Let’s talk about this when it comes to copywriting, and more specifically, with your headlines.

Boring headlines lead to nobody reading your message. As a result, you don’t get clients.

Captivating headlines draw your clients in and make them want to keep reading (and when they keep reading, you have a chance to inspire them to say YES to you).

Here are 3 types of headlines you can use to captivate more of your ideal clients:

1. Direct: say it like it is

– Examples: “Free Call This Wednesday” & “1 Day till Your Scholarship Ends” & “Save 25% on Flu Shots”

2. Flirt: use the art of seduction; give them a little taste and perk their interest to know more (sometimes it’s ok to be a tease!)

– Examples: “Wanna get naked with me?” (for an email where a biz coach talked about the power of using clearing techniques to remove blocks to success) & “Shall I flirt or be direct?”

3. How To: let them know you’re going to show them “how to” get/be/do what they want

– Examples: “How to stop migraines” & “How to attract your soul mate”

To make sure your headlines really sing: use your clients’ language and weave in your unique voice.

What’s one of your captivating headlines? Comment below and let us know... are you flirting or being direct in your subject lines?

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