|Part 4| Attracting More Clients (Sales Pages + Free PDF)

client attraction copywriting heart-based sales pages marketing Dec 31, 2020

In case you missed Part 3 of this series on how to attract more clients, Clint Eastwood made an appearance! (Say what?!)

Sexy Clint, who played the photographer in the movie, “Bridges of Madison County,” served to remind you that you’ve got to BRIDGE the gap between you and your ideal clients by SPEAKING THEIR LANGUAGE. I call this Client Speak.

When you use the words in your marketing that your ideal clients use to describe their challenges and desires, they see that you GET them and can HELP them get what they’re looking for. (This is ESSENTIAL to attracting more clients!)

You know what else bridges the gap between you and your ideal clients?


Sales pages are one of the best ways to let your ideal clients know you can serve them! People are on the internet, RIGHT NOW, seeking the kind of support you offer. Can they find you?

Have you built bridges to connect your services to their searches?

There are too many gifted coaches and practitioners (Are you one of them?) who AVOID writing sales pages ‘cause they mistakenly believe the only kind of sales page out there is a scrolling 30-page nightmare of fear-based manipulation.

I’m here to say -- there’s another way!!

Imagine what it would be like to write a sales page that’s a thing of beauty, 100% ick-free, that your ideal clients read and say, “It’s as if you wrote this just for me!”

Well, the good news is...

When you put:

  • (Part 1) the ENERGETICS of your invitation with
  • (Part 2) the PRAGMATICS of copywriting and
  • (Part 3) CLIENT SPEAK
  • (Part 4) all together in your SALES PAGES…


You’ve got some major magnetic mojo dialed in to attract more of your ideal clients, in an authentic, heart-based way.

You’ve also got a BRIDGE connecting you with more of your ideal clients.

Ready to get started writing your heart-based sales page that can be a thing of beauty and serve as your client attraction bridge?

Click here to pick up my heart-based sales page checklist.

In this free PDF I show you what to include in your sales page, so instead of staring at a blank screen, you’ll know exactly what to start with, and where to go from there.

And instead of fear-based manipulation… you get to come from heart-based service, which I know is what you’re all about, anyway.

So grab my checklist now and take it for a test drive.

How many more clients can you attract when you’re building bridges to them that speak their language and are infused with the energy of your invitation?

Mmmm… I can’t wait to find out!

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