|Part 3| Attracting More Clients (The pragmatics + Clint Eastwood)

client attraction copywriting heart-based sales pages Dec 31, 2020

If you’re just tuning into this series, let me sum it up for you quick-like:

Part 1: The Energetics: You being the ENERGY of the INVITATION to your ideal clients is magnetic!

Part 2: The Pragmatics: Partnering the ENERGY with the WORDS that connect with your ideal clients is KEY to your success as an entrepreneur.

In Part 3 I answer the question: what words do you use to connect with your ideal clients?

You can use words that inspire and empower, yes. And while that may feel good to you and your ideal clients, those same words may not move your ideal clients to take ACTION.

As an entrepreneur, you’re looking to do more than inspire: your business success depends on your ability to use words to sell your services and programs. (This is COPYWRITING.)

One of the big mistakes I see entrepreneurs making is they use words that sound good to THEM in their sales pages and websites. Examples:

  • The nutritionist who talks about balancing hormones and estrogen levels.
  • The relationship coach that talks about speaking the right love language.
  • The esthetician who talks about clearing out blackheads and other impurities from your skin.

How excited are you to work with any one of these practitioners?

Does their language speak to you?

Most likely... not.

This is where Clint Eastwood comes in.

What does Clint know about COPYWRITING?

Well, let me tell you…

Good ol’ Clint played the role of a sexy National Geographic photographer in the movie, “Bridges of Madison County.” (Did you see that move? OMG! It’s a tearjerker and an amazing love story.)

What does this have to do with YOU and using WORDS to sell your services?

One word for you: BRIDGES.

You gotta BRIDGE the gap between you and your ideal clients by SPEAKING THEIR LANGUAGE.

Ask yourself: what are the words your ideal clients use to describe what they’re struggling with? What they desire?

I call this CLIENT SPEAK.

When you use the WORDS to describe what you do that match how your ideal clients are talking, guess what? You build a bridge from your services to them and BAM! You create more connection and resonance.

Your ideal clients can hear you ‘cause you’re talking their language!

This also means they’re more likely to sign up to work with you because they get that you can help them!!

Here are some examples:

  • The nutritionist, instead of talking about balancing hormones and estrogen levels, builds a bridge and talks about losing the muffin top and having more energy.
  • The relationship coach, instead of talking about speaking the right love language, builds a bridge and talks about having less fighting and greater intimacy with your partner.
  • The esthetician, instead of talking about clearing out blackheads and other impurities from your skin, builds a bridge and talks about having radiant, glowing skin.

Your turn! Give this tip a try right now.

Step 1: Write down a one-liner about your next/new program offering. Use your words for it.

Step 2: Take a look at what you just wrote. How does your ideal client talk about this?

Step 3: Build a bridge between you and your ideal clients by taking what you wrote in Step 1 and translating it into a 1-liner with Client Speak.

BONUS STEP: (This is where the rubber hits the road.) Share your translated words in your next email, blog post, social media post or sales page and see how your ideal clients respond.

  • If you get more engagement and interest, this is a great sign you’ve captured Client Speak well.
  • If you don’t get more engagement and interest, don’t lose faith. Just try some different words.

Copywriting is an ART. It’s a LEARNED SKILL. And it’s a KEY to your success.

Comment below and share with me your Steps 1 & 3. I love me a good before and after snapshot! :)

And then, check out Part 4 here, as we talk about Clint and bridges in one other area of your business success.

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