5 Steps to Claim Your Value

I know you care about serving your clients.

And about making the world a better place by sharing your gifts.

That’s why I have to tell you about the blind spot stopping you from serving more clientsearning more money, and leaving your mark on the world.

This blind spot is so hidden, so huge, so bad, that you don’t even know the degree it is eroding your business: it’s costing you clients, confidence, and the crazy wild success you dream of.

It wreaks havoc in your business in many ways:

– how you talk about yourself

– how you talk about what you do

– how much you charge for your services, and

– how you market yourself

So what is this Big Bad Blind Spot?


I know… it’s pretty scary to see your full light. It’s very common for your gifts to be hidden in the back of the closet.

When you’re not seeing your value, chances are, you’re leaving out key credentials and accomplishments in your “About” page on your website and your “Bio” on your sales pages.

As a result:

– Your potential clients don’t see you as powerful and able to help them, and

– They don’t say YES to working with you.

Now, I confess… I have been guilty of this myself!

Last year, on a call with my biz coach, it all “came out”… I was like, “Oh, I didn’t tell you I have two master’s degrees? That I worked in Corporate America as a consultant? That I created and delivered training internationally?” My list went on and on…

My coach helped me see how I had been hiding all my gifts in the closet (and how to pull them out!).

I don’t want you hiding your gifts in the closet anymore!

Take these powerful steps to SEE and CLAIM your VALUE and put an end to this blind spot!

5 Steps to Claim Your Value

Step 1: Inhale. Close your eyes. Reflect on the journey of your career: personal experience, education, advanced training, etc. Exhale.

Step 2: Write down all your credentials and accomplishments. (Degrees, certifications, publications, speaking events, trainings, etc.)

Step 3: Pull out the biggest gems that convey the powerful gifted credentialed practitioner that you are.

Step 4: Weave these gems into the first paragraphs of your “About” page and “Bio.”

Step 5: Keep your list. Review it regularly. Add to it. Use it to remind yourself of your value.

Congratulations on taking the time to SEE and CLAIM YOUR VALUE!

When you see your light shining through all the years of study, sweat, tears, success, triumphs, and glory, you’ll be much more present to your value.

That will translate through to your marketing materials and sales conversations.

As a result, you’ll share more about your credentials and accomplishments authentically. You’ll feel more confident and LIT UP!

And your clients?

They’ll feel inspired. They’ll see how you are a powerful trustworthy mentor that can help them on their journey (if you’re a right match). They’ll see your value.

And they’ll be way more likely to say YES to working together.

(Another powerful ripple effect of this: by YOU standing in your value and shining your light, you give your clients permission to do the same.)

Join me in this revolution of reclaiming your value. Knowing your value and being able to communicate this to your potential clients is necessary for you to live the wild and outrageous success you dream of!

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