Overwhelmed? Use These Tools To Get Fast Relief

inner game mindset Apr 24, 2019

A theme that often arises in my work with women is overwhelm...

They feel overwhelmed with all that they're juggling, or all the amazing creative ideas they have, and end up feeling daunted by everything rather than enlivened by it all.

They end up stopping or spinning their wheels, never getting traction or the satisfaction of bringing their book into the world or that passion project they know is their unique contribution to offer to the world.

In case you can relate to any of this, here are some pragmatic tools you can use to get fast relief from overwhelm. These tools are questions you can use on the daily to go beyond overwhelm and create - and enjoy - more of what's really important to you.
Questions for Going Beyond Overwhelm
1. What's really important to you? Are you prioritizing that? 
If not, acknowledge that (without judgment) and realize you can begin prioritizing what's really important to you starting right now. PRIORITIZATION supports you in getting out of overwhelm so that rather than feeling like EVERYTHING's gotta get done right now, you now have your PRIORITIES in place to guide you with what to put your attention on now, and next, and not at all right now!
2. What can you delegate? Where can you enlist more support? 
This raises up an even bigger question: Are you willing to receive more support?
What if you didn't have to do everything? DELEGATION is a super powerful way to get out of overwhelm by ADDING people to your life or SYSTEMS to your world that can assist you in doing more of what lights you up and less of what isn't your genius or joy.
3. Are you saying YES to things you actually want to say NO to? 
If so, acknowledge this w/o judgment and look at what has you saying YES. Often, this habit of saying YES when we really mean NO comes from an old pattern of people pleasing and deriving a sense of value from prioritizing other people's needs and requests over our own. 
What would it be like to start including you in your life and choices, by prioritizing what's important to you and only saying YES to the things you really want to say YES to? 
And what could it create for you to get more support? 
Hmmm... I wonder... :)
Don't let overwhelm stop you. May these questions contribute to YOU enjoying your life more, all while creating the MORE you desire, with more fun and ease!

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