Sales: A New Love Language? — 4 Comments

    • Dr. Saida ~ thank you so much. I’m happy to hear that I speak to your love language! It’s a powerful thing, isn’t it? It’s a turn on. It ignites more inspiration. It sparks magic! Thank you for reading and sharing! ~ Megan

  1. UMMMm omg..loving this post and authentic information…Love it..i feel like every 5 seconds i was reading it i was saying ” OMG yes” and ” i get it now” and ” makes total sense”….
    I am pretty sure you and I have the same love language and i am ” missing” gifts from my partner as his love language is not the same as mine ( or maybe it is..but dont think so) ….Anyways, thanks for this rich info!!

    • Amy! So happy to hear you enjoyed this article. I can picture you every 5 seconds having a little rush of OMG YES! 🙂 It’s potent, isn’t it, to have a language for looking at this so you can see what you’ve been “missing” from your partner that you just haven’t been able to put into words, eh?! And now you have this to support you with your business, too, so you’re not missing your ideal clients! YAY! What else is possible now?!

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